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இந்த பாடலை கேட்டாலே போதும் துன்பம் மறந்து இன்பமாய் இருக்கும் # Iravil Ketka Melody Padalgal

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இந்த பாடலை கேட்டாலே போதும் துன்பம் மறந்து இன்பமாய் இருக்கும் # Iravil Ketka Melody Padalgal Tamil Evergreen Love Songs | illayaraja love songs | tamil...

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இந்த பாடலை கேட்டாலே போதும் துன்பம் மறந்து இன்பமாய் இருக்கும் # Iravil Ketka Melody Padalgal
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Ilaiyaraaja (born 2 June 1943 as Gnanathesikan) is an Indian film composer who works in the South Indian cinema, predominantly in Tamil since the mid 1970s. Widely regarded as one of the greatest Indian music composers of all time, Ilaiyaraaja is also an instrumentalist, conductor singer, and songwriter. He has composed more than 6500 songs and provided film scores for more than 1000 films, also being acclaimed for his exceptional background scores.[1][2][3]
Devanesan Chokkalingam, popularly known as Deva, is an Indian film composer and singer. He has composed songs and provided background music for Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films in a career spanning about 20 years. Many know his gaana songs, written mostly using Madras Tamil. He is known as the "Father of Gaana Genre" in the Tamil film industry.[2][3]

Deva has composed music for many films within a very short period. He debuted as a film music director in the film Manasukkeththa Maharaasa in 1989. In the intervening years he has composed music for a total of more than 400 films.[4]
Vaali (born T. S. Rangarajan; 29 October 1931 – 18 July 2014) was an Indian poet and lyricist whose works were in Tamil, had a five-decade long association with the Tamil film industry, wrote over 15,000 songs.[1][2] He acted in a number of films, including Sathya, Hey Ram, Paarthale Paravasam and Poikkal Kudhirai. He was honoured by the Government of India with the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour.[3]
Vairamuthu Ramaswamy is a Tamil poet, lyricist and author. He is a recipient of various awards including the Padma Bhushan,[1] Padma Shri, and Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel “Kallikattu Ithikasam” as well as a seven-time winner of the National Film Awards.
They started as an assistant to Tamil music composers M. S. Viswanathan and T. K. Ramamoorthy beginning 1964 and later the duo assisted M.S.Viswanathan alone from 1965 till 1967. Kannadhasan started his own film Titled "Nagarathil Thirudargal" in which he introduced Shankar Ganesh as music directors. But unfortunately the film was stopped. So Kannadhasan took them to Chinnappa Devar and requested him to give them a chance. After Kannadhasan's death, Shankar Ganesh had their titles changed to " Kavinger vazhangiya Debating" Shankar Ganesh

Kaveri Thanda Kalaiselvi was a Natya Nadagam( Dance Drama) wherein Jayalalitha was main lead and rehearsals used to happen at her house with all artistes and musicians coming to her house and doing practice. Shankaraman, musician duo Shankar and Ganesh used to come to play music. Sandhya used to make food and give all artistes breakfast and lunch.This went on for 28 days before the first show happened in 1965. After Jayalalitha became a huge star she recommended Devar Films to give musician duo Shankar Ganesh their debut film as a music director in the film Maharasi starring Ravinchandran with Jayalalitha.

Their first independent release was Magaraasi in 1967. Aattukara Alamelu was a turning point in their career.[2] Musician duo Shankar Ganesh composed music for 2 film s of Jayalalitha - Maharasi in 1967 produced by Devar Films and Vandhale Maharasi in 1973 directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan. Their best known composition were in Naan Yen Pirenden and Idhaya Veenai.

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