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1635: The Great Mormon Missionary Decline?

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is known globally for its massive missionary force. Over the past year we have received several indepe...

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is known globally for its massive missionary force. Over the past year we have received several independent reports suggesting serious distress in the Mormon missionary program, including:

- A sharp decline in the number of LDS missionaries overall.
- A sharp decline in the number of young men willing to serve missions.
- A significant increase in the number of LDS missionaries returning home early.
- Troubling new rhetoric/teachings from Mormon church leadership suggesting (out of seeming desperation) that Mormon missionary service for young men is mandatory/compulsory.

On Thursday at 4pm (mountain) we will be exploring this issue. If you have any data or stories regarding these (or other) developments regarding Mormon missionary work, please post them as comments below, or email us at: mormonstories@gmail.com and we can include your input in the show (anonymously if requested). Also, please plan to join us live for this show, wherein we hope to accept live video call-ins from viewers.

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00:04:12 Stake Conference “No Choice” clip
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00:31:30 Listener Reports on Data
00:43:00 Church Responses
01:22:00 Listener Stories of 5th Sunday lessons
01:30:20 FSY & Mexican Mission Activity
01:34:00 Medical staff etc to help fill out paperwork in 1 day
01:46:00 Listener Stories of Pressure to Serve
01:47:30 Listener Stories: High Stakes of Serving
01:49:30 Our Concerns
02:06:00 Disturbing Holland Clip
02:12:45 Most pitiable group
02:20:25 Missionary Suicide
02:35:00 Closing Remarks
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