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1651: Priesthood Restoration w/ LDS Discussions - 18

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Join John & Mike as they discuss the timeline for the restoration of the Priesthood compared to the current Church narrative. ————— WE ARE 100% DONOR ...

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Join John & Mike as they discuss the timeline for the restoration of the Priesthood compared to the current Church narrative.

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Show notes:
LDS Discussions Essay: http://ldsdiscussion.com/priesthood
MormonThink on the Priesthood Restoration: http://www.mormonthink.com/priesthood.htm
MS/LDS Discussions First Vision episode
MS/LDS Discussion Anachronisms
Dan Vogel YouTube Priesthood Authority Playlist
Sunstone History episode about Priesthood Restoration. “Restoring What Was Lost”

MS/LDS Discussions
LDS Discussions on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/lds-discussions
LDS Discussions on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2UkFsqYDl5SHiRX2dvA9MO
LDS Discussions Playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxq5opj6GqOB7J1n6pMmdUSezxcLfsced

Time codes:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:11:30 The church’s timeline of priesthood restoration
00:21:40 The Melchizedek Priesthood Thought Up in 1827?
00:24:00 Happenings in 1829
00:34:00 1830: Articles and Covenants of the Church, Sidney Rigdon is Baptized
00:40:15 1831: The “High Priesthood” is Introduced, Joseph Ordained, runs into trouble
00:49:50 Ezra Booth’s Letter to Edward Partridge About the Dispute
00:55:20 Joseph Smith Uses Priesthood to Retain Sole Authority
01:00:40 Summer 1832: Joseph First Mentions Angelic Ordination
01:05:20 September 1832: D&C 84 Structures the Priesthood
01:12:00 1833 The Book of Commandments is Released
01:14:00 April 1834: Joseph Speaks of the Priesthood…and yet…
01:16:00 Zion’s Camp Again Puts Joseph’s Leadership in Question
01:21:50 September 1834: Oliver Cowdery Creates the Angelic Ordination
01:27:30 December 1834: Oliver Cowdery Gets a Big Promotion
01:34:00 1835 Joseph Alters the Revelation to Include Peter, James, & John
01:39:40 More on the 1835 Changes to the Earlier Revelations
01:47:40 A Visual Look at the Changes to the Revelations from the Tanners
01:51:30 Oliver Cowdery Retrofits the Priesthood into a Patriarchal Blessing
01:57:38 Joseph Smith Sees Elias and Elijah
02:01:45 Joseph Smith Writes a New History in 1838
02:06:10 Lucy Mack Smith Makes No Mention of the Priesthood Restoration in 1845
02:10:10 Oliver Cowdery Reverts Back in His 1848 Recollection
02:13:10 An 1881 Journal Pinpoints the Date of the Melchizedek Priesthood
02:15:35 Some Key Quotes on the Priesthood Restoration
02:20:25 David Whitmer on Sydney Rigdon’s Impact on the Priesthood
02:26:00 Apologetics on the Priesthood Restoration.
02:30:00 FAIR Mormon on if the Priesthood Restoration was Backdated
02:31:10 How FAIR Claims it’s Not a Late Addition by Using a Late Addition
02:34:00 FAIR Mormon Describes How the Melchizedek Priesthood was Restored
02:37:00 More on How FAIR Describes the Melchizedek Restoration
02:39:00 More on the Melchizedek Restoration from FAIR
02:41:00 One More on the Melchizedek Restoration from FAIR
02:42:10 FAIR Explains That the Priesthood Story WAS Talked About Before 1834
02:44:37 Responding to FAIR’s Claims about the Melchizedek Priesthood
02:46:00 FAIR Again Cites a Late Addition to Say It’s Not a Late Addition
02:47:15 FAIR Cites Newspaper Accounts as Proof the Priesthood was Mentioned
02:48:40 More Newspaper Quotes That Aren’t About the Priesthood
02:50:30 A Few More Newspapers Cited by FAIR Mormon
02:52:15 Altering the Revelations as Joseph’s Understanding Evolved
02:54:30 Conclusion on the Priesthood Restoration
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