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8. Episode #8 Sensual To The Core

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Episode #8: On this Sensual To The Core Episode we hear three stories the first is from a woman who takes her man to get a Brazilian wax after a faile...

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Episode #8:
On this Sensual To The Core Episode we hear three stories the first is from a woman who takes her man to get a Brazilian wax after a failed dare and his funny and sweet response, then a hot story from a married couple on how they are getting their drives back in the bedroom and the last story is a story from a woman who started taking Yoni massage classes after a bad breakup and how that has taken her into a new satisfied level.

It's Make Me Moan Monday, so you know a new Sensual To The Core episode is out, enjoy!

Welcome to Sensual to The Core; Put on your headphones, relax and enter into your erotic escape. I made this place just for you. My mission is that you start by loving yourself just as you are, enjoying your erotic side regardless of a partner or lover, and Unapologetically allowing yourself to take full ownership of your desires and pleasure. My voice is a guide, but only you hold the key; to enter into your erotic escape.

Sensual to the core is your erotic escape, your secret place. Take a deep dive into your desires, fantasies, and undiscovered wild side. My Vision is that you may you laugh at the crazy sexy stories gone wrong, get inspired by the sexy secrets, and ultimately, may the audio erotic fantasies give you the confidence to have your own journey into your sensual glow up. I'm cheering you on as you discover and explore all your flirty, sexy, kinky aspects. The Sensual To The Core Podcast and website is meant for entertainment purposes only and for audiences 18 years and older.

The Sensual To The Core podcast will feature weekly episodes; Make Me Moan Mondays, Sexy Saturday Stories. And for subscribers; The exclusive Fantasy Friday monthly bonus episode on the last Friday of the month featuring behind-the-scenes, listener questions answered, and our extra juicy and commercial-free audio erotic fantasy on the 17th of every month. If you would like to leave an anonymous secret or story to be featured on the podcast, call to leave a voice message to (321) 236-8130 or write to stories@sensualtothecore.com Please support us by leaving a great review and shopping our exclusive merchandise. www.sensualtothecore.com

May your sensual confidence radiate in all aspects of your life; as you unapologetically claim your sensual glow up as you become sensual to the core.

I hope you are satisfied!

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