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GIFTEDIARY promises to bring you updates on exciting entertainment gists and stories. BBnaiija Level-up Season 7 has ended but the drama is just about...

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GIFTEDIARY promises to bring you updates on exciting entertainment gists and stories.

BBnaiija Level-up Season 7 has ended but the drama is just about to begin from all the housemates.

Groovy managed to rile up the girls up but they couldn't get enough of him.

Beauty hoped her authenticity and her strategy to “go with the flow” will carry her to the end. This was caught short or shall we say CUT SHORT.

Khalid was ready to take it to the next level. He admitted to not being the best of cooks, but the housemates got him covered and he fell in love/lust with Daniella.

Ilebaye admitted to having a crush on Dotun and seems to be taking it to the next level.

Cyph had a very hot spark with Doyin at the first party held by biggie and they had some erotic kiss right there on the dance floor.

Amaka was the DRAMA and she managed to get everyone on both levels to dislike her, so much so that when biggie decided to evict someone on the spot, everyone thought to evict Amaka, including her love interest of the previous week Giddyfia?

Daniella had a running with all 3 men and ended up with none on her exit from the house. Khalid decided not to pursue any relationship with her because of inability to hold back on Dotun and her display of affection.

Pharmsavi had an unexplainable urge to start a ship by fire by force LOL

PHYNA the WINNER OF LEVEL-UP SEASON 7 her catch phrases like 'Who dey' Commot body no join body, if you join body you collect'The streets made a queen baby' the streets made a queen bro'. She is loved by fans of the show and from the first week, was up for eviction but had continued to be saved through it all. She was easily the most nominated housemate. She is known for being the first and only level 2 housemate to win head of house to break the jinx.

Bryan, Big baby Bri.first runner up with a very distant margin from the winner. is argurably one of the most talented housemates in the house, slept alot in the house and was always inactive when housemates were doing small talks in the house. Modella was his love interest.

Kess is married and was not as much fun as he had hoped. He confessed that his wife is very jealous but is glad that he went into the house with his pride and came out with his pride.

Christy O was evicted in the first week cause Hermes who was head of house, saw her as a threat whereas she was far from being a threat.

Diana was caught in a love square with Giddyfia, Amaka her bestie and Rachel. She easily ghosted giddyfia and never spoke to him again. She had a few fights especially with Chichi over Deji the fake housemate.

Sheggz talked about marriage and children with Bella and is known for dragging Nigerians when he is in a fight with others, often generalising.

Allysyn is argurably the most unproblematic housemate. She had a very close bond with Doyin and Danniella, her roommate from lock down house. She was also in a relationship with Hermes who has 2 girlfriends outside the house. Would she be the third?

He was hardly seen in gossips and was an entertainer with a serious drive that was seen through out tasks, winning head of house twice and liberating his fellow level 1 housemates. Hermes is all of us they say. This might be true because of all the attributes that he possess and his individuality as well as collectivity haha

Chichi held the supreme veto power which took her straigh to the finals and took Daniella and Phyna to the finals with her. Chichi stayed true to herself but was a bit shy when she ended up in a relationship with fake housemate Deji.

Bella relationship with sheggz was the highlight of her time on the show, especially around their on again off again romance.

Adekunle had a steady fan base that no one saw coming. He came close to winning head of house for the second time in the game and was known for being competitive and sometinmes said it as it is. He is one of the finalist and 3rd runner up on the show. The last male standing in level 1 house.

Doyin was classed as the therapist of the house. crush on sheggz to her 'pick me' vibes on Deji, to her kiss with Cyph, to her romance with Chizzy the big brother's ride. Doyin had a lot of gists around her. She , Chomzy and Eloswag, rather than being evicted and sent home, were evicted in the 7th week and sent to the level 3 house .

Chomzy was super competitive in the house. Easily the most competitive female housemate.

Eloswag, says his energy and vibes are guaranteed to magnetise his fellow Housemates and viewers alike, during his time in the Level Up House

Giddyfia shocked the housemates when he was evicted, because of his excessive laughter.

Dotun is ready to play the game for the win! His biggest threat to other Housemates is that he is super competitive and is a straightforward guy


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