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Alexis Fawx, Lulu Chu - The Devil Wears Nada

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Alexis Fawx is a boss MILF who also happens to be Lulu Chu’s new stepmom. When introducing her new bf, Oliver Davis, Lulu gives him the low down about...

Дата загрузки:2022-10-15T15:55:09+0000

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Alexis Fawx is a boss MILF who also happens to be Lulu Chu’s new stepmom. When introducing her new bf, Oliver Davis, Lulu gives him the low down about Alexis’s extreme ways. Oliver’s not intimidated. It’ll take more than a stepmom to scare him away. Oliver finds Alexis in her office, naked, and within a minute his pants are off. She informs him that anybody trying to fuck under her roof is going to have to go through her first. Oliver can’t tell if it’s a test, but his dick is hard and ready for her thorough inspection. Lulu becomes suspicious and when she looks for her man, Alexis tells her exactly where he is; under the desk training his tongue. Alexis explains that she expects nothing less than perfection, especially when it comes to fucking, and this threesome is their chance to learn from the best.

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