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Daybell & Vallow - When the Moon Turns to Blood w/ Leah Sottile | MS Book Club | Ep. 1735

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Author Leah Sotille will be joining John and Rebecca to discuss her book examining the culture of end times paranoia and the trail of mysterious death...

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Author Leah Sotille will be joining John and Rebecca to discuss her book examining the culture of end times paranoia and the trail of mysterious deaths surrounding former beauty queen Lori Vallow and her husband, grave digger turned doomsday novelist, Chad Daybell. When The Moon Turns to Blood tells a gripping story of extreme beliefs, snake oil prophets, and explores the question: if it feels like the world is ending, how are people supposed to act?

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00:00:00 Panel Intros
00:13:00 What was it like for Leah to learn about this case?
00:16:00 Role of religious beliefs in cases like this & Ammon Bundy
00:20:00 White Horse Prophecy explained
00:28:00 The difference between faith and manipulation
00:30:00 Digging into Chad & Lori’s background
00:35:00 Understanding Lori: Pressures to be a “hot sexy faithful Mormon Mom”
00:43:00 How Mormonism under-develops women
00:46:00 How Chad & Lori’s vulnerabilities complemented each other
00:50:00 Chad’s disenfranchisement from Mormonism
00:56:00 Chad’s Near Death Experiences solidify Chad’s new direction
01:08:00 Multiple mortalities, multiple probations
01:22:00 Chad’s parallels with Joseph Smith and other cult leaders
01:28:30 Finding the children’s bodies on Chad’s property
01:33:00 Connection between affairs and spousal violence
01:50:00 Why the children couldn’t have been “let go”
01:54:00 Leah’s book reception by the True Crime community
01:58:00 Recent announcement by Judge
02:00:00 Thoughts on who is most responsible
02:04:00 New DNA evidence
02:15:00 The role of the LDS Church in trial
02:17:00 Will some beliefs of the Church be put on trial?
02:25:00 Why doesn’t the Church more actively disavow fringe groups?
02:28:00 Leah’s efforts to understand Mormonism as an outsider
02:35:30 The larger context
02:39:00 What’s next for Leah Sottile?
02:43:00 Next book: Conspiracy: Why the Rational Believe the Irrational (https://amz.run/6S1l)

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