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GarbAugust Trashy Books Tag | Tag Tuesday #GarbAugust

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Welcome back to my channel. Today, I will be tackling the trashiest booktag on the internet- The GarbAugust Trashy Books Tag. This was created by @Cri...

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Welcome back to my channel. Today, I will be tackling the trashiest booktag on the internet- The GarbAugust Trashy Books Tag. This was created by @CriminOlly and the original tag video can be found here: https://youtu.be/P8VpHapF8SE

The questions:
1. Trashy books are often dismissed by the critics, what's a book which is regarded as trash which you think has artistic value?
2. Critics often love books with extreme or challenging content, which critically praised book did you think was trash?
3. Not everyone approves of trashy books, what's a book you wouldn't read in public?
4. Books about killer animals are almost always trashy. What animal would you least like to be attacked by?
5. Trashy books often flourish in specific genres. What's your favourite trashy sub-genre?
6. Famous people love to milk their fans by publishing books, which celebrity would you like to read a trashy novel by?
7. Trashy books have the best covers, which book on your shelves has the trashiest cover?
8. Trashy books often contain adult themes. What's a book you read before you were old enough to?
9. If you were a character in a shifter romance, what creature would you want you (or your partner) to shift into?
10. Tag the trashiest BookTubers you know!

I tag:
@ange’s book chatter
@Dani’s Book World
@Gem of Books
@Spread Book Joy
@Berna's Bookish Adventures
@Red Dot Reads
@Bookworm Adventure Girl
@Novelle Novels

GarbAugust is taking place this August, and all you need to do to join in is to read anything trashy you can find... the trashier the better!


The Weeks:
Week 1 - Sex and/or Violence: trash that goes out of its way to be explicit!
Week 2 - Vintage: trash that was originally published before 1980.
Week 3 - Anything Goes: whatever you want, as long as it’s trash.
Week 4 - WTF: trash that made you question everything!

The Hosts:
Screamin'Creamin'Olly @CriminOlly https://www.youtube.com/c/criminollyblog
Steve Done-a-few @Steve Donoghue https://www.youtube.com/user/saintdonoghue
Shall We Swing Again @Shelly Swearingen https://www.youtube.com/c/ShellySwearingensLibrary
Alice and the Giant *censored* https://www.youtube.com/c/AliceandtheGiantBookshelf
Gina Stain Ya @Gina Stanyer Books https://www.youtube.com/c/GinaStanyerBooks
Michael K Porn @Michael K. Vaughan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqYEZfhPSeMuIqR_C_fZGw
This Just Fits In @This Just In!
Sex Manic @Pax Panic
Pegged by Visions @Plagued by Visions
Fibertarty @fiberartsy
Another Boobiephile Reads Playboy for the articles @Another Bibliophile Reads
IT came all over the page @IT Came from the Page

Olly's Is it trash? Checklist:

Was it written by a celebrity? +2
Does it feature killer animals? +2
Is it a novelisation of a film or TV show? +2
Is it a tie in to a film or TV show but not a direct adaptation? +2
Is it based on a video game? +2
Is it part of a really long series? +2
Is it credited to more than one author? +1
Is one of the authors James Patterson? +2
Does the title end with an exclamation mark? +2
Would you be ashamed to read it on public transport? +2
Is it about vampires? +1
Does the blurb feature the phrase "one man army"? +1
Is there a character on the cover holding more than 1 gun? +1
Does the blurb feature the word "steamy"? +1
Is it set in Hollywood? +1
Does it cash in on a current public fear or moral panic? +2
Does the cover feature partial or full nudity? +3
Is it a "shifter romance"? +4
Does it feature demonic/killer children? +2
Does it have a stepback cover? +3
Is it set in a hospital? +1
Is there gratuitous sex or violence? +1
Are there slugs, or things that look like slugs? +1
Has the author gone to a good deal of effort to hide their authorship? +1 (eg house name or ghost writer or anonymous)
Does it have a cigarette ad in it? +2
“Taming” or “claiming” or “taking” or similar verb usage in the title +4
Does the author have a movie novelization as part of their bibliography? +2
Is the sub genre weirdly specific? +3

If you score 5 or more it's probably trash

GarbAugust bingo Card (designed by CriminOlly) can be found on my story highlights on my instagram page (see below).


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