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Grossed Out | Your Mom's House Ep. 699

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Become a paid channel member of YMH to get Your Mom's House episodes one day early and AD-FREE here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIgiXwJck_Pb5Nj-wIrsqg/join

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Mommies only this week in the mommy-dome with Tom Segura and Christina P. We talk about a fun box of DVD's Tom had, false advertising, and big D problems. Would you rather be 400 lbs or have your spouse be 400 lbs? The fans weigh in! Christina surprises Tom with a disgusting booger confession from Ali Macofsky and Christina asks Tom maybe the coolest question of all time. They discuss sharing tapes with your dad, where the most loads get spilled, some of the worst tattoos you've EVER seen, and Dhar Mann's actors protesting. Christina argues a bold defense strategy for Leonardo DiCaprio, they discuss Jonah Hill's Netflix documentary "Stutz," and we follow up on the roommate from hell. We watch a super cool Chiro adjustment, see more mommies telling their baristas they love them, Starbucks, TikToks and Nature is Metal.


YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 - Intro - Box of DVDs
00:07:06 - Opening Clip - Big D Problems
00:15:33 - Would You Fatters?
00:18:23 - Christina's Surprise Video
00:24:32 - Sharing Tapes with your Dad
00:30:06 - Coming Everywhere
00:35:47 - More Awful Tramp Stamps
00:43:39 - Dhar Mann Actors Protest
00:52:45 - The Leonardo DiCaprio Defense
01:02:25 - Reviewing Stutz on Netflix
01:06:07 - Roommate from Hell Follow Up and Chiropractic Adjustments
01:15:19 - Barista "I Love You"s
01:18:08 - Videos for Christina and Starbucks Employees
01:25:38 - TikToks
01:39:54 - Nature is Metal
01:45:06 - Closing Song - "STANIMA" by DJ I Date My Mom
AKA Just Like The Gays
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