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A video nasty cult classic. A writer is haunted by the murder he committed in order to steal a manuscript, leading to this graphically violent and sexually explicit tale of depravity.

⭐️REVIEW -- An excellent and erotic 'Video Nasty'!

I may be on my own with this one, but if you ask me; The House on Straw Hill is an excellent little film. Considering that it's a thriller, the film doesn't feature a great deal of tension or suspense - but the action is kept engaging by the way that it sets up the storyline. The film moves slowly, but in doing so is allowed time to let its characters grow and the plot to build. The film is set mostly in a house surrounded by a cornfield. I'm not sure why these sorts of films always have to take place in distinguished houses, but this location actually provides a good base for this story. The field in which the house is situated ensures that the action always feels isolated from society, and there's something sinister about farm houses in the country anyway. The plot follows a paranoid writer (played Udo Kier) who is about to write a new book. He hires a beautiful blonde to be his secretary to aid with the writing, but this turns out to be a big mistake as the young woman has more of interest in the man than just helping him to write a book.

This film was included on the infamous 'Video Nasty' list back in the eighties under the title, 'Exposé'. Like a lot of films on the list, this one doesn't feature a great deal in the way of gore and it's a wonder why it ever got banned. House on Straw Hill does have a handful of bloody sequences, but nothing enough to warrant it's banning in my opinion. Udo Kier takes the lead role and delivers another of his bizarre, paranoid performances. It's debatable as to whether or not Kier actually has any acting talent, but he certainly has screen presence and for that reason alone, his films are always worth seeing. He is joined by a distinctly feminine cast, which includes Linda Hayden in the role of the secretary and seventies sex symbol Fiona Richmond as Kier's girlfriend. You'll no doubt be glad to know that the two 'hook up' in one of the movie's central scenes. House on Straw Hill pulls off a great double bluff with the identity of the maniac, and this provides the film with its main backbone. It has to be said that the conclusion is a bit silly, but it's one of the few suspense sequences in the film and you can't expect a film like this to be without silly moments. On the whole, I can see why this isn't widely liked; but I'm definitely a fan.

(1) Inside, Something so unspeakable no one has lived long enough to scream out its name !
(2) She'll take your breath away . . . Your life is next
(3) The House On Straw Hill. It only looks peaceful . . .
(4) And you thought that other HOUSE was bad . . .
(5) Haunting Intrigue...A Shock to Your System!
(6) Nothing is left to the imagination! In her first screen role - Fiona Richmond Britain's No 1 sex symbol.

⭐️Also known as ---
Fantasme meurtrier | Canada (French title)
Blodig afsløring | Denmark
Exposé | France
4 anomala eglimata | Greece (reissue title)
Ta 4 mystiriodi eglimata | Greece (transliterated title)
La casa sulla collina di paglia | Italy
La casa sobre la colina de paja | Mexico
Achter 't bloot loert de dood | Netherlands
Expose: A Casa de Straw Hill | Portugal (video title)
Дом на соломенном холме | Soviet Union (Russian title)
La casa de la colina de paja | Spain
The House on Straw Hill | UK (working title)
Exposé | (original title)
Trauma | Brazil
House on Straw Hill | Australia
House on Strawhill | West Germany

⭐️REMADE AS -- Stalker (2010)

⭐️FEATURED IN -- Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape (2010) | It is mentioned for being one of the banned films in the UK. Also, video case and footage of this movie are shown.

(1) The Hunt for the House on Cuckoo Lane (2011) | Referenced in dialogue using alternate title: House on Straw Hill.
(2) The House on Cuckoo Lane (2014) | Referenced in dialogue using alternate title: House on Straw Hill.
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