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I Was Homeless Before I Was Rich | Mikki Mase

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In this episode, Brad and Mikki discuss Mikkis journey to where he is today. 00:00 Intro follow Mikki @dirtygothboi on all platforms 01:06 Bomb: Face ...

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In this episode, Brad and Mikki discuss Mikkis journey to where he is today.

00:00 Intro follow Mikki @dirtygothboi on all platforms
01:06 Bomb: Face Tattoos
05:15 Mikki making money
08:15 “Getting the demons out”
12:27 Cleaning his life up
15:50 Getting the money to gamble with
22:24 Bomb: Working Smart, not hard
24:50 Bomb: Relationships
31:50 The entrepreneurial spirit
37:30 The decision to chill
42:00 Winning
46:41: Bomb: Everything being done in the world is something that people have always said cannot be done
50:21 Bomb: There is a solution to every problem
57:00 Follow Mikki! @dirtygothboi on IG #bombsquad let's show him some love!!!!
58:37 Look up Shaken Hearts on IG
01:00:21 Pornstar
01:02:46 Bomb: It’s better to try to help someone today then say good-bye to them tomorrow

Mikki Mase is a professional high stakes gambler who mostly plays baccarat and online craps. Mase is also widely known by his Instagram handles, @mikaelmvse and @dirtygothboi — the latter is the most active. Mikki claims that due to his excessive winnings at baccarat he has been banned from all but two casinos in Las Vegas. He tells his story and more inside this episode so tune in and learn about Mikki Mase!


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