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Kazumi on Her Sheltered Upbringing & Balancing Her Boyfriend & OF - Touchy Subject Ep 2

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Lena is joined by the infamous g*ngb*ng girl, Kazumi. They talk about her SUPER STRICT upbringing, her current relationship, being on No Jumper, and s...

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Lena is joined by the infamous g*ngb*ng girl, Kazumi. They talk about her SUPER STRICT upbringing, her current relationship, being on No Jumper, and staying relevant.


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00:00 Intro
00:20 Getting beyond the g*ngb*ng girl
01:07 Kazumi's very strict upbringing, she wasn't allowed outside until she was 17 years old
01:29 Kazumi started using the internet and her parents did not know nor would they have allowed that
01:58 Kazumi's dad switched her schools because she was holding a boy's hand
02:49 The way her parents raised her may have backfired on them
03:04 Kazumi was always terminally h*rny
03:25 Tracking device was put on her until she was 22 years old
03:42 When did you end up losing your v*rgin*ty?
03:46 Got her first phone when she was 18 years old
03:57 No reason to have any monogamous relationships
04:28 Kazumi's curfew all through college was 10:30pm
05:18 Kazumi's parents still do not know she does O*lyF*ns
05:20 Kazumi says her parents are her "opps"
09:03 Lena says Kazumi is a marketing genius
09:06 Kazumi flies a banner promoting her OF over Coachella
11:31 How Kazumi bought her b**bs
12:40 A lot of people feel you just have to be hot to be successful on O*lyF*ns
16:18 MEME pages are one of the best marketing ploys
19:12 Being the No Jumper g*ngb*ng girl kept her relevant
20:10 Used her hands to make her v*g*na talk on No Jumper
21:20 Describing the scene of a g*ngb*ng party
24:29 Everyone cuddles after a g*ngb*ng party
26:50 Kazumi says "the most painful experience in my life was being built like spongebob"
33:00 Kazumi talks about her relationship
35:35 Kazumi's boyfriend couldn't f*ck white girls
44:03 Kazumi is having a lot more sx than her boyfriend
44:10 Mismatched lib*dos
49:22 Going to a furry party for the first time
50:10 Exploring the Adult Baby Diaper Community
51:53 What would Kazumi choose to do without any social media
53:18 Kazumi looks up to Lena The Plug

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