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Long Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups - MIG'S DEEP ADVENTURE - Dan Jones Adult Bedtime Story

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FALL ASLEEP FAST! UPLOADS EVERY TUESDAY ~11PM UK TIME (Dark Black Screen Storytelling - Just gentle twinkling stars on screen) This long bedtime stori...

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FALL ASLEEP FAST! UPLOADS EVERY TUESDAY ~11PM UK TIME (Dark Black Screen Storytelling - Just gentle twinkling stars on screen)

This long bedtime stories for grown ups - Mig's Deep Adventure (created with ideas suggested by a Patreon subscriber), is about Mig, who is an adventurer. She was out on a ship. She had a trusted raven which she would send out to search for land. When it returned with a twig, she knew it had found nearby land. Mig and her crew headed to the land. On land, they set up camp near the seashore. The next day Mig headed into the forest near the beach, following a sound. She discovers a family of silver foxes. Mig continued to explore and found a clearing with a deep lake. In the lake is a Narwhal. Mig finds this curious and so goes exploring and dives deep into the lake in a diving bell. She notices something strange and dives from the bell, deeper into the cold water and finds an underwater portal. She exits that portal in a cold and icy environment and notices a pyramid on shore. She heads to the shore and into the pyramid. In the pyramid, Mig discovers a comfortable chair, she sits in the chair and on a screen she sees a symbol flashing, she isn't confident what to do, but decides eventually to press the corresponding button. When she pressed the button, the pyramid seemed to disappear and she found herself in the chair, outside. This environments seemed warm. She saw a giant whale-like creature walking through the tall grass and into the ocean. She heard a voice say that this is Anubis. The voice is the voice of the technology. The technology starts communicating with confusion and trance inducing language as a way of explaining the situation and instructions to Mig, explaining that there is no reason to remember all of this. Mig sets off exploring and discovers an old pyramid with ten steps, she heads down those steps into the pyramid. While heading into the pyramid she can hear a voice in the back of her mind. Deep in the pyramid, Mig encounters one of those silver foxes again. She talks with the fox and finds it confusing. The fox says this is the right state to be in to find the correct result. As the fox disappeared she found herself leaving the old pyramid, going deeper as she climbed out of the pyramid. She headed back to the first pyramid and found her way back to the diving bell and up to the surface. She camps another night on the beach with her crew before heading back to her ship and continuing her journey, recording the adventures of Mig.

Like all of my bedtime stories for grown ups, this is created to help calm an overactive mind, reduce stress, worry and anxiety while helping you to fall asleep quickly, tackling insomnia.

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