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My Secret Romance Episode 1 | Multi-language subtitles Full Episode|K-Drama| Sung Hoon, Song Ji Eun

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Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-...

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Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo-Mi has never had a boyfriend before. My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) 2017 | Season 01 - Episode 1 | Full Episodes with Multi-language subtitles | K-Drama | Sung Hoon, Song Ji Eun

My Secret Romance [S01 E01]
Cha Jin Wook is a spoiled rich kid forced to humble himself by taking on a summer job at his father's hotel. Lee Yoo Mi is a klutz who can't convince her mom she's fine without a boyfriend. When their paths collide, sparks fly.

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My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스)
Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Director: Kang Cheol Woo
Writer: Kim Ha-Na
Cast: Sung Hoon, Song Ji-Eun,Kim Jae-Young,Jeong Da-Sol,Lee Kan-Hee
Season 1 Episodes: 14ep x 50mins

Cha Jin Wook is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company. He usually only pursues short-term love, but when he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has never had a boyfriend before, he changes. In a dating world full of busy people who tend to flirt and chase “some” relationships rather than having meaningful connections that allow them to show their true feelings, this couple has an one-night stand. They meet again three years later, whereupon they kick off a shaky push-pull romance that’ll keep them on their toes as they fall in love.

#kdrama #romance #comedy
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