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Olivia Wilde Must Be Responsible

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Actors who turned into director Olivia Wilde and Maggie Gyllenhaal sat in Paris to speak hot movies and cool logic. #OliviaWilde #NeedsBe #Charge #oli...

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Actors who turned into director Olivia Wilde and Maggie Gyllenhaal sat in Paris to speak hot movies and cool logic.
#OliviaWilde #NeedsBe #Charge #oliviawilde
Olivia Wilde has traveled a long path of the teenager who played the bad bisexual girl Bratty on the O.C. Today, she is a full -fledged movie star who has produced the award -winning comedy Booksmart, and this fall will end with you worry Darling, an erotic thriller inspired by the slim with Florence Pugh and the boyfriend of life de Wilde, Harry Styles. Someone who knows what life looks like on both sides of the camera is the director of the lost girl, Maggie Gyllenhaal, who met Wilde in a Paris hotel to talk about it. ———

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Okay, I record. Olivia Wilde: Perfect. What if all my personality changed? Like, I have a slight accent and everything in me changes, do you mention it? Gyllenhaal: [Laughs] No, listen, we just give them the cassettes. You are who you are, starting now. Wilde: GOT it. Gyllenhaal: So I am really curious to know how similar our experiences were. Basically, the film school for me was acting in films. Do you feel that way? Wilde: Completely. It helps me to sail on feelings about the films that I do not think to be great when I watch them, and it helps me to understand them in the context of my experience of film school by proxy. I have made 5,000 times more TY movies than you. Gyllenhaal: No, you just don't know my films. Look for them! Wilde: But I was in very bad, and now I think: "I did them to learn all the edifying stories that would help me define myself as a director: how I will never talk to a crew, how I'm never talking to the actors, how I will never plan a film. All this comes from these bad experiences. Gyllenhaal: Absolutely. I know so much about the way the pace of a day feels just spending as many days in a set. And sometimes I look at a schedule as an actress and I say to myself: "What? Why do we do it like that? Wilde: I remember making this little horror film with Mark Duplass many years ago, and he was so understanding of this really terrible calendar that we had. The film was very difficult for all these apparently avoidable reasons, so I would go back to the trailer and I want to speak crazy. And Mark said, "Until you run a film, you really can't understand how difficult it is. Go directly, go produce, then you will understand, "and he was right. Gyllenhaal: What was it to act in the film you made? Wilde: It was out of necessity. We essentially lacked money and I needed someone who would have a very low salary, but I wanted it to be
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