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Over an Hour of True Scary Stories from Reddit. FT The Darkest Hour & Booze and Boos - Black Screen

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A big thanks to @The Darkest Hour and @Booze and Boos for collaborating with me on this video! Check out their channels and show them some love! https...

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A big thanks to @The Darkest Hour and @Booze and Boos for collaborating with me on this video!
Check out their channels and show them some love! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDarkestHourYT

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Get comfortable and settle in for a compilation of true scary stories from Reddit

All stories are read with full permission:

The balaclava man hanging on my window ledge

Trust your gut feelings

The Eagle Scout

"Someone who lives with you is with me."

The Closing Shift Creep

Pantsless woman at my door.

High speed chase almost ends in my abduction as a child.

A neighbour I met is seriously creeping me out, idk what to do

As a child, my best friend's mom almost got us murdered over her drug debt

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28:51 Story 5

33:41 Story 6 Read by Booze and Boos

38:50 Story 7

45:53 Story 8 Read by Booze and Boos

51:00 Story 9

59:21 Story Outro

Music by Myuu Nicholas Gasparini, ABYSS
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