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Speaking out against deepfakes

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This is a serious video that speaks about adult content and digital / image based sexual harassment and abuse, and pornographic deepfakes. Please open...

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This is a serious video that speaks about adult content and digital / image based sexual harassment and abuse, and pornographic deepfakes. Please open for more:

Hey all - I know I've never posted anything like this, obviously this is not something I am looking forward to doing, and something I wish I didn't feel like I had to address, but I hope that you take the time to listen if you can.

I try to cover most of it as quickly as possible in the video, but I had some more details I wanted to put here.
This video/topic is honestly just a tiny blip in the conversation. My experience is not unique in the slightest, which is why I really feel compelled to speak out. This kind of harassment and abuse WILL happen to many other people you know and love, or even happen to yourself. It's scary, but true.

If you are a peer of mine and you do NOT relate to this situation, I am practically begging you to please not turn a blind eye because it’s not something you have to deal with. Please help stand up for the those that this happens to. It would mean more than you know.

A lot of people think Deepfakes aren’t a big deal because they’re not “real”, but they have incredibly real consequences that wildly range. One of the consequences I didn’t cover was many of us being threatened (sometimes successfully) by those who made deepfakes of us, sending them to our sponsors and tricking them into thinking we made adult content that therefore made us unsafe to work with (...lot to unpack there…)

I am so… SAD, when young people excitedly ask me for advice on how they can do what I do - make content that makes them and others happy, and feel creative and fulfilled… and my first advice feels like it has to be about this. About protecting themselves as much as possible, and even then, to prepare, 100%, for porn (and tributes, and pictures and videos of private parts, and visceral, disgusting text based posts) to be made of them. No matter what they do.

I feel like I have to disclose this to them, not because I’m being overly cautious, but because it truly, genuinely feels unavoidable and widespread. Whole, real human beings sit behind their screens and exploit me (and, as I’m saying, so many others) sexually with absolutely no consequence up until now. If I won’t push for justice, I don’t know who will - so it does feel like my responsibility to be addressing this now that there is a chance it may be impactful.

My intention is to be a drop in the bucket that can contribute to a safer future for everyone, and people regaining their sense of power of their own self, which is what we all deserve.
I know how hard it can be to speak out. I put off making this for a very long time. I know making this video will likely bring more abuse toward me, but I hope that it can help in the long run. And maybe, if a lot of us band together, it won’t be just a few of us alone speaking out.

In particular, I’m also addressing a very specific victim and perpetrator here. A victim, who is staying anonymous, & NOT a public creator, had deepfakes made of them by an EX-CLASSMATE. This same ex-classmate made deepfakes of me, along with a bunch of other ASMR creators I personally know. Because this perpetrator posted all of these under the same account, this victim reached out to me and gave me all of this person’s information (legal name, etc).

As we know, personal information is protected very little on the internet - so I know a lot about this person who made deepfakes of me (shining titles include: Gibi ASMR Slobbering on a C*ck, Jewbi Gets Porked, and Gibi ASMR Exploited). I fully intend on doing everything I can legally to achieve SOME level of justice for their actions, because the victim who reached out to me does not have the privilege of feeling safe enough to do so. I feel responsible to take it on.

So, yes. I’m really hoping this is not the last time you will hear from me about this. Part of the importance of this post is to encourage you to sign this petition:
You can also check out the My Image My Choice Website:

Secondly, if you have your own experience with this, I also encourage you to submit your story, or if you feel safe to, post about it publicly. This WILL help in the lawmaking aspect, and there is real action being made right now, they are looking for stories from people like you for their case.
Thirdly, on my own personal level, I hope to keep you all in the loop about what I can do about my own situation.

So much of me wants to tell myself I shouldn’t post about this, that it’s not worth it, or that I will just get responses from people downplaying the reality of the situation. But I literally cannot just stand by after being asked to help regarding this situation. So please, I could use all the positive engagement you have to spare! I’m nervous. But I thank you very much for reading.
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