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The Jonathan Wright Interview: Prison, Becoming a Hair Icon, Meg vs Tory, 6ix9ine & More

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Adam sits down Jonathan Wright for a fire interview, to talk about his success, his career, doing time, reality TV, plus all the great things he has i...

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Adam sits down Jonathan Wright for a fire interview, to talk about his success, his career, doing time, reality TV, plus all the great things he has in the works!

00:00 Intro
2:21 Used to sell candy at school, stacked his money and moved out the house when he was 15, Dad doing time forced him t grow up fast
3:19 Didn't know his mom was on dr*gs she hid it well, until she tried a SA on Facebook live 2 years ago
6:33 Working for free and networking to get into the industry
8:25 Did a year when he was 21 for probation violation, while in jail they added mad charges upon charges
9:47 They gave him 12 years, says the judge gave him 12 years as a wake up call
13:03 Jonathan says when you tryna get freaky in jail, you're a deranged person
13:50 Jonathan had to sl*p someone who used his toothpaste
15:18 Adam coughs, Jonathan thinks he has C
18:18 Jonathan took his spot in the hair game, being himself and working hard: "Aint nobody fkn with me in my lane!"
19:43 Did Amber Rose hair: "I make girls feelin like a bad bitch, even a crackhead"
21:47 Working with Meg Thee Stallion and being there when she went thru her loss + Setting the trend far artists to do content with their stylists
22:44 Jonathan checks Adam for calling him "Giiiiirrrlll!!": "I don't play shit like that, I'm a real dude, raised by real dude"
23:53 Just opened a salon in Dallas
24:25 Jonathan jumps for joy knowing he can smoke during the pod
25:48 Being real friend with Meg, never fell out, but also cool with Kelsey
27:41 Jonathan says he wasn't there that infamous night of the incident
28:28 Jonathan's fee is about 2K for an hour to do hair
29:11 6ix9ine booked Jonathan for his first video fresh outta jail, says he's mad cool + Stayed with him for a month
31:31 Working on his main goal, in the meantime trying to open up shop in main states, and schools as well, business, get clients, hair etc
32:37 Relationship with Asian Doll being friends since middle school, with Cuban Doll as well, he's the glue who can make them hang out together: "You're the Louis F of the Dolls? The who?"
34:02 Getting booked via labels as well to be the life of the party co their artists are boring + Was cool with Von
35:21 Worked with Lil Kim, Nicki, Keysha Cole, Jeffrey Star, etc + Worked with Nicki like a year ago, it was great, able to work with all these females who allegedly hate each other 38:11 Jonathan putting Milan Christopher in a blender, people tried him on TV he had to defend himself
39:49 2 dudes turned on him on the show, Jonathan handled it: "You can't control my image, if someone brings drama I'm handling it right away"
44:37 Jonathan ready to throw the mic at Adam's face if he has Covid
45:53 Jonathan also tryna make it in music right now
46:38 Adam ask if Jonathan would get a BBL: "Don't fckn play with me!" + Says workout dudes do indeed get BBLs!!!!
50:28 Jonathan doesn't care about Adam interviewing Dredd and his large thing: "Sell that bullsht to somebody else"
51:04 Jonathan says he has wife and a 4 y/o kid and Adam shouldn't assume anything 51:43 Jonathan says Adam shouldn't care about what people think
55:13 Ice Spice signature hair + He's friend with Glorilla
56:11 Decked out a UPS truck like a salon + Gonna work with Beyonce + Beyonce is bigger than Michelle Obama: "NOBODY F WITH BEYONCE!"





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