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What is the source of your dissatisfaction? Pick A Reading - Tarot & Chill

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Welcome to Tarot & Chill. My name is Nisha. This is a "Pick A Card" Reading to find out what is the source of your dissatisfaction. Use your...

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Welcome to Tarot & Chill. My name is Nisha. This is a "Pick A Card" Reading to find out what is the source of your dissatisfaction.

Use your intuition to choose the right reading for you, or feel free to choose multiple readings if you feel drawn to do so. If you have trouble choosing you can refer to this video for some tips: https://youtu.be/S89XKpH25Vc


00:00 Intro / Pick A Reading
01:09 Group 1 - Vitamin D
14:37 Group 2 - Vitamin C
25:56 Group 3 - Lavender Oil

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Remember that Tarot can be a useful tool for self-discovery, but you should always base your real life decision making on facts and what you know to be true, rather than what any reading says. This is a general collective reading so it won't resonate with everybody, but hopefully you'll enjoy watching it anyway. Tarot readings are primarily for entertainment purposes and you should take what resonates and is useful to you and leave the rest. If the reading helps, great! If not, please move on. I will remove any angry, hateful comments and do not recommend watching tarot readings when you are angry in the first place :) I also do not recommend watching love readings or “your person/they” readings for people you do not know, do not like, or do not have any significant relationship - there is really no point unless the relationship is worth asking about. Please use common sense when watching readings online.
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