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Why Men Are Becoming 'Girls' | Guest: Genevieve Gluck | Ep 702

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Today we're joined by a favorite guest, Genevieve Gluck, co-founder of (along with Anna Slatz) and investigative journalist for Reduxx, to discuss the...

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Today we're joined by a favorite guest, Genevieve Gluck, co-founder of (along with Anna Slatz) and investigative journalist for Reduxx, to discuss the horrors of gender and trans theory. We begin with a recap of the roots of transgender ideology and its progression from academia to mainstream. We discuss autogynephilia and the dark, real reasons why grown men might want to identify as women. We look at the case of Dylan Mulvaney and his desire to identify as a "girl" rather than a woman. We look at the origins of the trans flag and discuss Jacob Breslow, a professor at the London School of Economics who stepped down from his position as a trustee for U.K.-based trans activist organization after it was revealed that he made statements and published academic work that favorably portrayed pedophilia. Then, we look at WPATH and its advocacy to lower the age of kids who are able to get gender-affirming treatments, as well as what the fascination is with freezing kids in perpetual pre-puberty.

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[00:00] Intro
[02:20] Interview with Genevieve begins
[07:19] How did trans ideology become mainstream?
[11:23] Males of Reddit & autogynephilia
[15:20] Dylan Mulvaney's view of women
[20:30] Trans flag origins
[27:40] Gender dysphoria & trans ideology for men vs. women
[33:45] Jacob Breslow and porn's influence on pedophilia
[46:05] Child indoctrination / WPATH


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Reduxx: "Resigned Trans Youth Charity Trustee Authored Blog on “Minor Attraction,” Praised a Child Porn Creator" https://reduxx.info/resigned-trans-youth-charity-trustee-authored-blog-on-minor-attraction-praised-child-porn-creators/


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Why Men Are Becoming 'Girls' | Guest: Genevieve Gluck | Ep 702
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