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Wife Accuses Husband Of Cheating And Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime! | Reddit Cheating Stories

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Wife accuses husband of cheating but he has a surprise for her | Reddit Cheating Stories "Wife accuses husband of cheating but he has a surprise ...

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Wife accuses husband of cheating but he has a surprise for her | Reddit Cheating Stories

"Wife accuses husband of cheating but he has a surprise for her. He recorded the conversation on his cell phone and I transcribed some of it

So, the posts I’ve writen and posted here previously were writen because a friend, na actor, asked me to help him putting a play together with scenes that ilustrate couples relations.

That is why I began coming here and reading stories.

But, the truth is, I really preffer to know these stories looking at people in the eyes, as I get a better sence of the emotions that are behind the stories, witch are the the main point of doing the play.

So, I’ve put out the word to my friends and he did the same, and some people agrred to share their stories. So, I’ve seen a lot of pain in people’s eyes when they talk about what they went through. But nothing prepared me for what I heard yesterday.

So, this comes from a person known by a friend of the actor. We talked a few times about what is going on in his life, and it’s a story that is 9 going on 10 years now."





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